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Artero Cosmetics Professional Aurigel Ear Cleaner 100ml
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 Artero Cosmetics Professional Aurigel Ear Cleaner 100ml

In developing the Artero Aurigel (higienzante ear) has taken into account the ease and accuracy in the application, so its presentation in gel form simplifies dosage and once in tact with skin liquefies causing rapid penetration and emulsification of excess wax and dirt.
Thanks to an extremely mild nonionic surfactant cleans respecting the epidermal balance. 


Contains Tee Tree Oil or oil from the leaves of the tree Melaleuca Al ternifolia (popularly known as "Australian tea tree" is an essential germicidal penetrating Ancestral antisept ico natural oil which purpose tático fungistatic and bacteriostatic has been clinically tested. Utilized by indigenous who knew his condo first Koori healing ades thousands of years ago. Their qualities and sanitizers ngestionantes switched with his repellent effect on insects and parasites as h acen suitable as active ingredient in the formulation of Artero Aurigel.
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Directions To clean the ear, apply one or two pulsation ones Artero Aurigel on sterile gauze or a washcloth, proceeding to always clean the interior region to the exterior, taking special care cial creases and furrows cartilage . To clean the ear canal apply enough Artero Aurigel within the channel without allowing it to overflowing, then, massage the base of the ear and thus favoring cer your emulsion dirt and ceruminolítica action. The animal itself emulsion ejected outward, we will remove it with u na dry towel or sterile gauze. Never use cotton-tipped swabs and that could cause a push dirt dad, with results contrary to those desired. The frequency of use is determined by the animal itself (aza r type, characteristics of the environment in which you live, etc.). Usually just an application of Artero Aurigel weekly to maintain proper hygiene.

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