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Accurate Ear Drops & Cleanser For Dogs, Cats and Small Animals 70ml
SGD $16.20  


 Accurate Ear Drops & Cleanser For Dogs, Cats and Small Animals 70ml

Accurate™ Ear Drops & Cleanser is a special formulation of ALL NATURAL HERBAL Oils, with natural goodness to help soften ear wax and remove unwanted debris.

It is very effective against ear mites. Accurate™ Ear Drops & Cleanser helps eliminates ear odors and also prevents fungal and bacteria infection in the ear. 

It contains no artificial color or fragrance.
- Anti-fungal/Anti-bacterial action
- Treat ear mites
- Remove unwanted ear debris
- Eliminates ear odours
- Low toxicity and is safe for animals and humans 
- Non-staining and eco-friendly.


Contains Natural blends, etofenprox.
More Info
Directions Small dog and cats - One to two pumps on each ear. Large Dogs - Three to four pumps on each ear. Apply weekly, especially just before you bathe your dog. This would prevent water that goes into the ears during bath from staying there, thereby preventing bacteria and fungal infections.

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